Looking for some piece of mind?

Loan Insurance is available from F&P Savings  &  Loans.

Work with the team on site at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare or Appliances to determine if loans insurance is right for you.

Loan Insurance

Loanminder is an affordable way to make sure you and your family won’t have to worry about loan repayments if the unexpected happens.

Loanminder lets you choose the type of cover you want:

Lifeyour loan balance will be repaid in full (up to $100,000) if you should die
Traumaa lump sum to $10,000 is payable if you suffer a heart attack, coronary artery surgery, stroke, cancer (as defined in the policy) and survive 14 days after the trauma.
Disabilityif you are unable to work for more than 7 consecutive days your loan instalments will be paid (up to $1500 per month, to a maximum of $100,000)
Bankruptcya lump sum equal to 6 months worth of loan instalments (up to $1000 per month) will be paid to your loan to help reduce your outstanding debt.