Achieve the goals important to you!

Saving for your first home? 
Want to put a little away for
Christmas each week? 
Planning ahead for your
summer vacation?

Savings Accounts are available from F&P Savings & Loans.

Work with the team on site at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare or Appliances to find a savings account that will help you meet your goals fast.

Everyday Saver

Our Everyday Saver account is perfect for day-to-day use. Just as you would with a bank account, you will receive an Eftpos card and access to online banking. However, where banks charge transaction fees on withdrawing from savings accounts, we believe your money should stay with you. We charge a one-off interest fee annually, and other than that the only fees you will pay are standard Eftpos and ATM charges.

Interest rate 0.25% per annum


Christmas Club Saver

Christmas is an expensive time of year, but with the right approach to saving it doesn’t need to break the bank.

Our Christmas Club Saver account allows you to make regular payments from your daily savings account automatically, or top up when you have a little extra throughout the year.

By starting saving in January, even a small weekly contribution will give you a head start on your Christmas expenses.

To encourage members to stick to their Christmas savings commitment, funds are made available for withdrawal from the last week of November and mid-January. For early withdrawals, a small fee applies.

Interest rate 2.00% per annum 


Education Saver

Much like the Christmas Club Saver, our Education Saver account gives members access to their savings before the start of the school year – a time when the cost of books, school fees and uniforms can mount up.

This is a perfect account for those with several school aged children, particularly when school holiday costs are hard to predict.

Interest rate 0.00% per annum 


Loan Provider Savings

Loan Provider Savings is a specially designed savings account that helps you gain a loan through Fisher & Paykel Savings and Loans. We use the savings in this loan to provide us with a benchmark for providing and structuring repayments of a Loan Provider Loan. Because funds are not available on demand the account generally earns a higher dividend rate than other accounts.

Interest rate 1.75% per annum 


Bill Pay Account

Structuring your finances so that regular bill payments are paid from a separate account is as easy as adding a Bill Pay Account. For payments such as rent, insurance or car registration, which do not fluctuate significantly, the Bill Pay Account gives greater certainty around your expendable income. By adding a small monthly buffer over and above your payments, you can save for any increases in payments – for example, higher heating bills in the winter. Payments can be made either by automatic payment, or transfers to other accounts.

Interest rate 0.00% per annum 


Term Deposits
We offer Term Deposits for periods between 3 and 18 months with rates that compare favourably with those from other organisations.
Last updated 1 August 2022
3 months1.85% pa
6 months2.85% pa
9 months3.30% pa
12 months4.00% pa
18 months4.05% pa

Rates applicable for amounts up to $100,000. Rates are subject to change without notice and acceptance of deposits is at the discretion of the Trustees and in line with the Credit Unions funding needs.

Goal Saver

The Goal Saver account lets you nominate a target for your saving and a date by when you wish to save it. We will calculate your regular payment amount to help you reach your goals.